Wcspay took my money

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Wcspay took my money with a promise to remove a virus in my computer.I was not aware at the time that they planted the virus in my computer...I tried to download the software after giving them my credit card info and was not successful with the final steps.

I Trying to get my credit card company to reverse the charges and your posts have been very helpful.

My computer is totally messed up from this scam and I have tried removing the virus with my own antivirus software but without success.I am checking my credit card charges every day to make sure they aren't using my card.

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Wcspay - Took my money and i want it back

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took money and got no service spose to be a security company like mccfee after i believe they implanted the virus into my computer when tryed to get the security gave none just took the money from my checking so i went to walmart bought mccfee to remove the virus and fake labels the company was removed by mccfee like a virus the company is supposebly spose to be wcspay.com/c-tel but when came across my computer had a different name and like i said mccfee removed it along with the virus trojan and the worm it put there

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Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #100121

The same thing happen to me. It is a scam with a phoney telephone.I want my money back.I emailed them and still no response.

Wcspay - My Checking Account was Charged 258.00 I didn't phone or talk to anyone.

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I cannot believe this ***!!!!! I log onto my my bank account to see the latest balance and there's this charge for 258.00.

I didn't authorize this in any way, shape or form. I didn't talk to anybody on the phone, I check all my e-mails before I open them. I have a virus scanner that works well.

How the *** did this happen??? Yes I sometimes look at work at home e-mails and after researching these so called "great jobs", (actually scams), I remove myself from thie e-mailing lists.

I'm too pissed off to write anymore. If anyone has any tips on how to get these charges reversed without having to tear up debit card; feel free to e-mail me. Thanks.

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i am beginning to think she is the scam artist you all are speaking of... none of her predictions have held true for me either...AND i sent money

New Vernon, New Jersey, United States #33993

What does your bank say about these charges?These should be able to identify who was paid and what bank they were paid through.

Also, most checking accounts and especially debit cards will not hold you responsible for charges of more than $50 total unless your signature can be proven by vendor receipt. Sounds like a case of ID theft. www.ftc.gov gives good advice on this. But start by reporting the charges to your bank and demanding their proof that you authorzed the charges.

I have had had companies as far back as AOL in the 90s start by needing my credit card or bank account to "verify" my identity or in case I wanted to continue service after my "free" time expired. With AOL it took me almost a year to stop my bank from letting them tag me $20 a month for services I was not using. Kept getting runaround. Don't put up with it, demand proof on paper, send all communication by certified mail - phone conversation are no proof and will be quickly denied, no matter what they say or who you talk to.

I'm the kind of person who's willing to spend more than the $258 to put these SOB's in their place just on general principle. Start with the bank and if they balk, let them know you are bringing the FTC into it. This usually brings quick results. Also, check all three of your credit reports - someone may have opened an account in your name without your knowledge.

You can run a free credit report with each of the 3 agencies once every 12 months at...

I've been using www.freecreditreport.com, not a necessary service unless you have a distinct need to closely monitor your credit - but well worth their fee if you do.Good luck

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Wcspay - Pissed Off - Yes I am

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I was going through my bank statment and keep up with it every day. This one I had let it go for two days while I was in the hospital and as soon as I came home checked it. I was shocked. I am on a litmed income and I had a $230 charge on it. Needless to say, checked with the bank, my kidsm but before that, I chased down wat all it said on the chard named. Here what the name as well as seconadry*wcspay.com/suco.tv CHK CARD PUR 442081149415GB 027629

They do leave a page for cancel but is really of no help either as it gives no result.

you can contact me at frndc892@aim.com

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